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Faakhir wouldn’t let the fire fizzle so easy. That’s the promise he made to all his fans that were mesmerized with his debut album ‘Aatish’. Now, two years and a hit single ‘sub toun soniyeh’ down the track, he’s back.


The dictionary explains it;

1. A sacred word, chant, or sound that is repeated during meditation to facilitate spiritual power and transformation of consciousness.

However, starting today, there will be a new meaning to the word, and that is

2. Faakhir’s second album- An enchanting and soulful rendition with a unique blend of eastern and western instrumentation.

Brilliantly composed and arranged, Mantra is full of spellbinding lyrics, magical melodies to send you in a rhythmic trance.

We trust that you will enjoy Faakhir’s Mantra, just as much as we have all while working on it.

Let Mantra cast its spell.


The Team at
Faakhir’s Music


The Music Merlin

First predicted and now acclaimed- Faakhir has become one of the most popular singers of contemporary music history of Pakistan. A testimony to his permanent place in the accolades of modern music, as pop is incomplete without his music. From television appearances to live concerts, local gigs to international tours….Faakhir took the stage by storm, and continues to do so.

The year was 2001; Awaz had broken up as a band. Composer and keyboardist; Faakhir was about to unfold his wings for a solo flight as a singer. There were skeptics and cynics…brows were raised…who could have predicted? Especially when it comes to music! Amidst all bias, the music pundits bet their ears on Faakhir. And right they were in dubbing Faakhir, to be ‘Pakistan’s latest Pop Sensation in Des and Perdes’.

Today, as we look back at the two years, we see a blazing trail of an unprecedented success of his debut album, Aatish- not without a due reason, for behind its success, there’s a long history of Faakhir’s journey to his stardom…beat-by-beat, song after song.

At the advent of Mantra, he stands at the top, to unleash his magic by casting yet another spell… of a melodious masterpiece.


The Magic Wand of Success

Faakhir has always been in the spotlight! From magazines to newspapers, television to radio…he has been covered extensively and justly by the music gurus in the business.

Here’s a look at Faakhir through the magic wand of the scribes:

“Faakhir Mehmood is not just another keyboardist. The winsome dude tickles the fancy of millions who desire him for his looks and respect him for his work.”
-TV Times, February 1998

“The price of Asian pop…”
-TV Times, June 1998

“Get ready for an exciting new friendship with a high spirited Faakhir Mehmood”
-US, 17th November 2000

“…Faakhir is very much on the scene…”
-The News TView, 12th December 2000

“…Faakhir is all set to traverse the road to success and reach for the stars with his high ambitions of making it big in the glitzy realm of music.”
-Young Time , 13th March 2001

“Faakhir’s name is synonymous with remarkably melodious music composition”
-Social pages , April 2001

“Faakhir’s is one of the pioneers of Pakistani pop”
-The Gulf Today , June 21st, 2001

“Amongst all of these desi music Godzillas, the most promising act to come these days is surely Faakhir.”
-The News- Vibes , July 22nd, 2001

“The cute and cuddly pop sensation from Isloo, Faakhir.”
-The News- YOU , February 26th, 2002

“Meet the latest Pakistani pop sensation…Faakhir”
-Friday Times- YOU , March 29th – April 4th, 2002

“Faakhir is to Pakistan what Ricky Martin is to the western music world- well almost! Besides his irresistably good looks and magnetic persona, he is gifted with an amazing voice”
-Newsline April, 2002

“Faakhir is to Pakistan what Ricky Martin is to the western music world- well almost! Besides his irresistably good looks and magnetic persona, he is gifted with an amazing voice”
-Newsline April, 2002

“Faakhir’s Aatish has taken over a year to glow from a spark of intuition to the blaze of glory”
-Women’s Own April, 2002

“…innovative, experimental and pushing he is the kind of cross over music that subtly overrides the traditional, and only label that can be given ten, is not regional or unicultural, but international. ”
-The News International July 2nd, 2002

“He came, he sang, he conquered! And he did not lay down his phenomenal success- he celebrated it in style”
-Pump up the Volume, 2002

“Faakhir is such a constant in showbiz that he is hard to forget. He now seems to be there to stay with his solo identity”
The Mag Weekly, November 9-15 2002

“One singer that has arrived and is rewriting the pop history of Pakistan is the solo singer Faakhir”
-The News, April 11th 2002

“The flame of success- Faakhir has created waves in the music industry”
-Newsline Annual, 2003

“Even if Faakhir had not cut a proper album, the track ‘deewana’ alone would have catapulted him to the pinnacle of Pakistani Popdom.”
-The Hearld, January 2003

“The new man on the horizon from the world of pop is Faakhir.”
-Daily Dawn, March 9th, 2003

“Faakhir is full of surprises. He took the country by storm…”
-Daily Times, Februrary, 24th 2003

“Faakhir has achieved not only national but also international recognition for his infectious harmonies and original blend of pop and soul. His work carries the flavor of his roots with lyrics that touch the heart”
-Lines, March 2003

“Faakhir is the newest pop sensation to hit the Pakistani music scene”
-Fanzine, April 2003

“Faakhir reached stardom in a very short span of time”
-Dawn Images, May 4th, 2003

“Faakhir’s debut album was recognized as the most selling album of the year”
-Daily Times, April 19th, 2003

“Faakhir emerged on Pakistan’s pop scene as a force to contend with- here was a guy who sang well, made great tunes, and appeared in great videos.”
-AeroAsia’s ‘Blundi’ (inflight) Magazine

“Faakhir is a Pop icon and one of Pakistan’s prolific pop singers”
-Daily Times, Aug 4th, 2003

“Faakhir is making it big after going solo”
-The News, YOU Aug 26th, 2003



What’s in a name? Probably everything! Faakhir’s second album is rightly titled ‘mantra’ as no other name could ever have expressed his ‘maturity of sound’ more eloquently.

Progression to the next level of artistry is an inherent creative process on the stage of performing arts, a place where Faakhir takes the center stage.

Like the sacred word itself, more than an album, it is Faakhir’s chants that are repeated throughout the album as if meditating to attain spiritual power of the musical kind.

Mantra, is Faakhir’s quest to attain nirvana.

The Unique Style of Music

What makes this album unique is its meticulous blend of instruments that have been used in the arrangement as ‘live sessions’ played and orchestrated by none other than a group consisting of maestros from India and Pakistan- The biggest such assemble thus far by any Pakistani artist. The album has been engineered, mastered and remixed at world standard studios in Europe so that Faakhir’s fans can listen to nothing but quality sound.

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